In Cambodia, man has not invested much in the seaside environment yet.

Sihanoukville is a peaceful seaside town where you will enjoy relaxing for a few days.

From Sihanoukville, you can go by boat for a few hours to nearby deserted islands with white sand and transparent water.

  • Bamboo Island, Koh Russei
  • Koh Takiev
  • Koh Kong

Here, nature has kept its wild appearance. 

In Koh Rong
, a brand new building with sumptuous “floating villas” will welcome you for a luxurious trip in an amazing environment. 

From Kep,
you can reach Koh Tansay also called “Rabbit Island”

White sand, coconut trees, warm water,......a really lazy program and enjoy doing nothing ! 

You will reach Ream National Park, near Sihanoukville, by boat on Prek Tek Sap river.

In the heart of the mangroves, various endangered species of animals live in this prestigious ans preserved territory.

Possible visits on authorization.

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