Cambodia cuisine

Khmer cuisine is diverse and authentic, simple and original.

cambodian-foodDiscovering Cambodia's cuisine is going back in time to the Angkor kingdom, cradle of Khmer civilization. That's where Cambodian cuisine found its identity and rose. Rarely written, it is by oral tradition, from mother to daughter that the secrets are passed on. This ancestral origin leads to a traditional cuisine that is treasured : an inimitable alliance of tastes and colors that magnify natural ingredients.

During the centuries, the Khmer cuisine has become richer with the influence of heigboring countries. China has brought steamed dishes, the use of soya and noodles, India has transmitted its curries. Thanks to its different influences, Khmer cuisine has gained a particular diversity. You will be surprised by the mix of tastes and be seduced by it : sweetness, salty, bitterness, acidity will be added together but will mingle, sometimes all in one dish to reveal you the most original experience.


cambodian foodMix of tastes and colors
You will also realize the importance that Cambodians pay to the colors of their dishes. Because you also taste a dish with your eyes, the ingredients put inside are as paint. Red chilies, green limes, orange shrimps with white coconut in the background.. be prepared to be amazed !



Some specialties
There is the “sapeck” that corresponds to pork in making sweet sausages then cooked on the grill.

During the meal : you drink water or iced tea. At the end of the meal and outside mealtimes they usually drink choum (mostly on the countryside), an alcohol made of rice and a local cognac.

Amok, fish cooked in coconut milk and flavored with melon grass.

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