Your desires and you budget will orient your choices, from 2 - 5 starred hotels to luxury resorts.


In Asia, each hotel offers three kind of quality : standard, superior and deluxe. We know perfectly what your expectations are regarding the quality of the hotel and have selected legal, stable and comfortable hotels. We often update our database.


Metropole Hanoi

Le spa Vietnam




Experience living with an inhabitant could be possible during your trip.
The minimalistic comfort will however lead you to a rich experience of which you will keep fond memories.


Chez l'habitant - Mai Chau

mai Chau

Chez l'habitant



We favor the fact of having a guide specialized in each region because they have the important role of initiating you to the discovery of our country.

  • The guide is also the person that will accompany you.
  • Our guides are professionally approved by the National Administration of Tourism.

They have studied the subject and they are surely not inexperienced students that guide part time who won't know how to keep up with the quality of our services.


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