Our speciality:  « Tailor-made» travel


It is a private touring journey especially made to suit you,
accompanied by a guide and a private car with driver,
with services that you can customize.


  • a journey destined for clients who like to travel “in private”
  • if you are alone, with someone, with family or friends, you will exclusively travel on your own.
  • a journey entirely tailor-made, created and adjusted to your desires
  • our “tailor-made” travel is the best way of traveling that combines freedom, intimacy, originality, authenticity and comfort.



At last, a journey that resembles what you require !

The privilege of traveling in a private car with your driver, for you and only you
The privilege of having a guide available only for you whenever you need

The privilege of choice
 : your dates, the length of the journey and your flights
The privilege of customizing your itinerary depending on the season and your rhythm
The privilege of choosing the style of your program depending on your interests and your personality.
The privilege of choosing the type of accommodations, your trains and cruises depending on your desires and your budget.
The privilege of choosing what and where you want to eat.


Directly from us to you, without intermediaries


Together, we work out your entire journey, and in order to respond to all your desires, our team is available to make your projects take life.


The possibilities are endless !

You purchase your flight to join us in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand or Myanmar and let yourself be guided by Khamasia.


From start to end, the organization of your trip is taken care of.


Travel carefree, we've thought of everything !


You don't have to worry about anything !


carefree and all-inclusive


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« Tailor-made » travel

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