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Hanoi Voyages, is a travel agency approved by the National Administration of Tourism in Vietnam, catering for all nationalities, but specializing in English and French speaking clients.


Our head office is in Hanoi, with branches in Ho Chi Minh City, Siem Reap in Cambodia, Luang Prabang in Laos, Bangkok in Thailand and Yangon in Myanmar.


My name is Pham Dac Kham, the director of Hanoi Voyages


Hanoi Voyages director


Our team............


Hanoi Voyages staff is constantly at your disposal to assist you and answer any queries that may arise with your travel plans. Please feel free to contact us at any time with any subject of concern and we will help you realize your dreams of travel in South East Asia.


We are a young, eager and responsive team, all working together for the prosperity of Hanoi Voyages and the betterment of your travels.

Reservation/ client relation
Ms-Thu Ms-Thom Mr-Dung  
DINH Thi Thu PHAN Thi Thom NGUYEN Viet Dung  
Travel consultants
Mrs.Hue Mrs.Nga Ms.Ha Ms-Thuy
NGO Thi Hue NGUYEN Hong Nga DO Thi Thai Ha LE Thi Thuy 
Ms-Thanh Ms-ThuHa    
NGUYEN Thi Thanh DO Thu Ha
Mrs-LanAnh Mrs.Mai Ms-Ha  
Mr-Trung Mr-Hung Mr-Duong Mr-Bronte
NGUYEN Quoc Trung HOANG Tien Hung LE Dac Duong MCQUADE Bronte


Our "Tailor made" response for any travel !

Hanoi Voyages is for a “tailor-made” and customized travel

Whether travelling as an individual, as a couple, with friends, a small group, a club or an association your needs and requirements can be catered for with our many “tailored” options.


Hanoi Voyages, a partner of confidence for professionals of tourism

Hanoi Voyages is used, with confidence, to serve tourism requirements of individuals and groups entrusted to our company by agency colleagues abroad. 


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