Laos cuisine

Similar in many ways to Thai food, so almost all of Laos cooking is done using fresh ingredients. These include vegetables, fish, chicken, duck, beef, pork and water buffalo. The odd horse meat restaurant can also be found.


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Traditional dishes

Loum laos
Loum speciality
Mok Pa
Mok pa speciality

Being land locked most fish eaten comes from the fresh waters of the country and in the rural areas many of the meats eaten come from the wild, rather than from domesticated animals. Some of these include wild pigs, deer, jungle fowl, squirrels pheasants and other birds. In the villages domesticated animals are eaten including ducks, chicken, pigs and cattle. Foods are salted with the use of fermented anchovies, most of which is imported from Thailand.


Flavorings are added and include mint, lemongrass, chilies, ginger, tamarind and lime juices, and the flesh or juice of coconuts.


The most common dish in Laos is Laap. This tasty meal is a Laos style salad made of minced meat, chicken or fish, mint, garlic, green onions and chilies. It is served with a plate of lettuce leaves and using your fingers you wrap the laap in the leaves and consume. Green papaya salad is another favorite in Laos. Shredded green papaya, lime juice, garlic chilies and other condiments are pounded in a large mortar and this quite spicy dish is a delight to the taste buds. On the streets you can order a custom made mix by adding other ingredients available from the vendor.


Rice and noodles are the staples in this country and are eaten with, or in many different foods. Sticky rice is the most common and is eaten using your fingers, generally taking a small amount from the lidded bamboo basket it comes to the table in, rolling it into a ball and dipping it any sauce or meal you have ordered.


Laos, as with its neighbors, is abundant with a wonderful array of tasty tropical fruits. All are seasonal but there is never a problem with the choices available.
Pomelo, durian, rambutan, grapes, bananas plums, apples and dragon fruit are among the host of fruits available in this country.


In season fruits are usually offered to diners at the completion of a meal as there are few desserts on a Laos menu.


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