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The optimum time for travel in Laos is in the dry period from November through to February, when it is not too hot and it only rains intermittently. Fortunately this time coincides with most of the regional and national festivals, and also many country’s main holiday periods.


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The mountainous northern regions are okay from March to June, as the higher elevations mean more moderate temperatures, while the south of the country has temperatures that may be over 40 degrees.


Travel-Laos - Luang PrabangThe rainy season is really not that bad, as it may rain heavily sometimes, it comes briefly, and is bracketed by extended periods of sunshine. The rain clears the dust from the atmosphere, making everything cleaner and clearer and in recent times roads are being constantly upgraded to enhance them for tourism, but still, some of Laos’ unsealed roads may be impassable.


December and January are the absolute peak times, and it is best to book your accommodation in advance to avoid disappointment.


The best time to visit Laos

Travel-Laos - Akha ethnicIf you plan to travel to Laos and enjoy the best weather conditions for your journey, we suggest booking between October and June, as this enables you to enjoy both the southern region and the beautiful northern regions Land locked Laos has one of the most pristine ecologies in South-East Asia and the government of the country is spending time and money educating the people on eco-tourism, as they see this as a winner in the tourism stakes. Natural vegetation covers 85% of Laos and the vast array of native flora and fauna is amazing to see, with three distinct vegetative layers. The first, 30metre high single trunk trees, the second hardwoods like teak and rosewood, and the third is a variety of small trees, shrubs and grasses.


The fauna is diverse and includes elephants, gibbons, langur, civets Phayre leaf monkeys, flying and non-flying squirrels and many more. It is truly an ecological show piece. Laos is certainly a country worth visiting.


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