Understanding that different people have differing desires, and being constantly concerned about your well being, our agency, with our expertise and experience, can offer you an unforgettable luxury holiday in Laos.


Luxury travel in Laos


Luxury travel in laos


Luangprabang in vietnm



“Luxury, calm and voluptuousness” 



are the three words that best describe this mode of travel, and to this end we invite you to participate in this type of journey.



This luxury grade comes with the finest traditions of upscale holidays, rarely seen in Laos and is private, that is ,for you and you alone.


Accommodation in 5 star hotels and resorts, decorated with fine arts and furniture, oversize junks in Halong Bay, ensure you will enjoy the sights and scenery in an atmosphere of complete comfort and serenity.


Tables of fine food, where the art of service accompanies the exquisite delicacies that will delight discerning customers.
Add to this a spacious, air-conditioned car with driver and you will enjoy a journey that will indeed live up to its “high class” description.


We offer you the opportunity to choose the route you take and times of stay in the various destinations of choice. You may wish to revive an era of by-gone days and stay in villas of fine French architecture, traveling in classic Citroen cars of the times, or spend time soaking up the sun on beautiful beaches or resorts.


With our “tailor made ” travel the choices are endless


In a few words…Succumb to the temptation…and let yourself be captivated by the magic of our country and plunge into the voluptuousness of Luxury travel.



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