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« This is Burma, it is quite unlike any place you know about. »

Rudyard Kipling said,


Monks myanmar
Bagan Myanmar
Fishermen inle myanmar

And how prolific the writer turned out to be, as now called Myanmar, the country is slowly revealing its amazing array of natural, human and art treasures to the world.

The captivating atmosphere of the country, the thousands of temples, monasteries and religious icons of the central plains, mountainous forests of teak trees, traditional ethnic minority tribes, and the Lake Ille region in the north make Myanmar a country different than its neighbors and one not to miss. This charming country, so long isolated from the rest of the world is at last open for tourists.


Myanmar is a country entirely devoted to Buddha and Buddhist ways

Mountain forests of teak trees, picturesque lakes, small villages of imaginative artisans, traditional ethnic tribes, and charming and fascinating secrets await your discovery in a country so long isolated from the rest of the world.


Carrying the hopes and dreams of the population for better days ahead, the country has much to offer tourists from around the world, as they have the opportunity at last to showcase the treasures and icons they have to share with the outside world.






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