Planning your travels to Myanmar


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To make it easier for you to travel to Myanmar (Burma) we have made a list of the things you need to carry or consider before you embark on your journey.

  • All tourists must have a valid visa to enter Myanmar. These can be obtained from the Embassy in your home country.
  • There are still areas of Myanmar that are of limits and many that require permits to enter, so plan your travels well in advance as some permits take one month to acquire, some travel agencies can assist you to get any required permits.
  • Carry an all purpose electrical plug adaptor, to keep cameras, computers. phones etc. charged.
  • Any prescription medicine you require as sanctions are still in force and they may not be available in country.
  • If making any overnight bus journeys, be sure to bring some warm clothing.
  • ATM machines are not prevalent and many credit cards not recognised so make sure you carry as much cash as you can. Bring a combination of new US Dollars as locals won’t change any notes with blemishes, also bring as many small denomination notes as possible as they are easier for locals to exchange.
  • A torch, bug spray, and sandals should also be on your list.

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Myanmar travel guide

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Planning your travel to Myanmar

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