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The peak season for travel in Myanmar is between October and March, when it rains least and the weather is not that hot.



In late April the monsoon season begins to have a bit of an effect and by June when it rains it pours!



June and July are probably the most rainy months of the year and by September the rains and hot temperature have eased, and late September the weather is a lot more conducive to travel.



May through to September is considered the low season as the south-west monsoons start and continue until September, usually peaking in July and August. The dry zone between Mandalay and Pyay gets the least rain, and torrential rain sometimes makes the roads impassable, especially in the southern regions of the country.



April is a difficult month for tourists, and if you are traveling at this time be sure to make your bookings well in advance, as during this time many locals are on the move for their New Year Celebrations making transport, accommodation and even meals difficult to access.


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