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Renowned for its bustling capital Bangkok, its famous beach resorts and productive northern mountainous region Thailand has been and remains a massive tourist draw card for foreigners.


Known as “the land of a million smiles”, it is a seductive destination with a multitude of sights and sites to tantalise all manner of tourists. As one of the world’s favorite destinations this beautiful tropical country has a warm and inviting population, a plethora of ancient and historical places along with many land and floating markets to see.


The country’s northern tribal traditions have been preserved, with tourists able to visit authentic villages nestled into the rice fields and forests of the countryside. Besides interacting with the inhabitants, tourists can enjoy home-stays at several of them.


Thailand reveals its rich heritage and secret treasures of bygone days dating back to the ancient Khmer campaigns of the 12th century. The golden domed Buddhist temples dotting the countryside glisten in the sunshine, and are all very pleasing to the eye.


Thailand’s ancient architecture offers glimpses of days gone by in this country of peace and Zen Buddhism and the world famous Thai cuisine of fragrant and spicy flavours will entice all to the table.


The richness of culture in this South-East Asian paradise and the warm and friendly disposition of the population will bring moments to remember flooding back, long after you leave the kingdom’s shores

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Thailand tours

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