Thailand cuisine

Thai food is the most famous cuisine around the world, and your tastes can only be expanded with a tour of this country, as you discover that not only is there food everywhere, but also that Thai’s have a preoccupation with eating it!


thai foodRice is at the heart of food culture, with many different varieties available, and the country has been a world leader in exporting rice. The highest grade of rice is jasmine rice, a fragrant long grain variety that is so sort after by neighboring countries, there is rumored to be a steady business smuggling it out of the country.

Noodles are also popular in Thailand and they are made from rice flour. They are often stir fried with fresh herbs, basil leaves chicken or pork, with a healthy dose of chillies.
Basically there are four different tastes in Thai cooking, sweet, sour, salty, and spicy, and most times fresh ingredients are pounded in a stone mortar and pestle to form a thick, pungent and aromatic paste then added to various dishes like curries noodles, soups and salads.

Soups like Tom-Yam are world famous, and capture the spicy delights of Thai cuisine, but in country stir-fries and deep-fries, and fried rice are just as awesome to the palate.
Being a tropical country Thailand excels in the fruit varieties as well. If eaten in season the fruit is so sweet and include pineapple, watermelon, custard apple, rambutan, mangoes and longans, but one of the most popular with the locals is durian, the strong smelling fruit banned from hotels and guesthouses.


thai dessertDesserts
Dessert in Thailand is often just tropical fruits, in season, as these tend to neutralize the main course you have just devoured, in your stomach. These fruits include pineapples, mangoes, jackfruit, longons, custard apples water-melons, coconuts and more.





To learn more about Thai cuisine, book into a cooking course and discover the secrets of Thailand’s cuisine, it will be something that will stay with you forever, and be a constant reminder of your journey in the country.


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