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This page is here to help you answer all the questions you have before jumping in the plane to visit our country.
Other than the page on the weather, the visa formalities and the food that are on our website, we have also chosen some subjects that our clients often ask about.


Hua Hin beach Auytthaya chiang rai


Thailand’s time zone is 7hrs ahead of GMT/UTC (London). The time at government office s, cinemas and other official places is expressed according to the 24hr clock eg. 1pm is written 1300 hrs or 9pm is written 2100hrs.

The local currency is known as the Thai Baht, and is floated on the international markets, usually around #33baht to 1 US Dollar. Most major currencies can be converted to baht at banks and money exchanges.
All business is done in baht, and at markets it is much better for tourists, as is easier to barter in increments than in dollars as the buyer has much more room to move.

Credit Card
Most international credit cards are accepted in Thailand. Businesses, hotels, guesthouses etc. all take a credit card payment for services rendered.
ATM’s will also dispense baht if tourists use credit or savings cards. As in your own country there is a payment for using the machine and banks generally charge a conversion fee as well.
Cashing travelers cheques will bring a commission and duty costs to bear.
Western Union operate in Thailand so, with the aid of your passport for identification purposes, it is easy to receive monies sent from abroad.

BangkokThings To Bring With You
Thailand is a modern country and just about everything that you will need is available in country, but we have a few tips for you when packing for your holiday here.
Pack light wash and wear clothes, plus one thicker top for fresher evenings. Slip on shoes or sandals are handy because footwear must be discarded to enter many tourist sites, a sarong,
small torch and quality sunscreen, everything else is readily available in country.

General Safety
Although Thailand is an extremely safe country for tourists, you must consider the different culture between Thai’s and Western tourists and exercise a little caution when traveling here
Do not ever cause a local to “lose face”, that is to feel humiliation or embarrassment, as this could cause them to arc up violently Exercise diligence and don’t wear excessive jewelry or flash a wallet full of money around as this may draw someone’s attention to you, evoke feelings of jealousy and you may be robbed.
Try not to abuse or cuss locals, as although this behavior may be acceptable at home, it is an invitation for fisticuffs, sneak attack or worse in Thailand.
All in all if you behave yourself while in Thailand no harm will come to you and your travels will be hassle free. Never let your credit card out of your sight as the odd unscrupulous vendor may misuse it and you will pay the consequences later!

Travel Insurance
When traveling abroad you should always be covered by Travel Insurance, even if you consider yourself fit and healthy, as accidents DO happen. Check with the relevant people at home before you leave as these days many credit cards and banks offer basic insurance when paying your fare. There may be some requirement to up your premium if you want to pursue more dangerous adventure activities, but all enquiries should be made before you purchase your ticket and remember, a medi-vac can cost uninsured travelers over $100,000.

chiang seanTipping
It is not a cultural thing in Thailand, so it is not expected. The exception is when you pay for a meal, tourists usually leave the change for the staff if it is around 20baht.

Electrical Outlets
Thailand has a very good and reliable electrical system and outages are few and far between. The country has a 220 volt AC electrical system throughout the land, similar to most countries, but with a two pin plug.
Make sure you pack a multipurpose adaptor as you will need it to charge your phone, camera and computer etc.

Power Cuts
It is highly unlikely that one will affect your travels in Thailand, however it is sensible to pack a torch, just in case.

Taxi’s and Local Transport
Transport options in Thailand are amongst the best in Asia. Many destinations are serviced by several means of transport, in Bangkok for instance you can travel by bus, tuk-tuk, sky train, subway, motorbike taxi, a sawngthaew (a pick up truck with two rows of bench seats), or a taxi. If you travel by any unmetered mode, make sure you know the cost of your journey before you head off.

Long Distance Travel
Thailand has a very good rail system with four main lines, northern, northeastern, southern and eastern lines, and is an alternative to buses for long distant travel. Trains offer many advantages over buses with better views of scenery and more room to move and stretch out.
However, with the emergence of cheaper airfares, many tourists now opt for time saving air transport.

Hotels :
Starting from 2-star hotels through to 5 star ones, resorts, eco-lodges and ethnic tribal home stays, Thailand has them all. Most will be equipped with a bathroom, air conditioner, TV, a fridge, free internet in the hotel or a personal computer in the room. Bathrooms correspond to the standards foreigners are used too and are mostly equipped with a hairdryer. You will be given an assortment of toiletries (toothbrush and toothpaste included) in the more up market places.

Room standards
As Thailand has been attracting tourists for many years now the room standards are excellent. Rooms are classed as Standard, Superior and Deluxe, but with all travel you should inspect the room before committing to avoid disappointment.


lisu lodgeHome-stays (with tribal People)
There are several home-stay opportunities in the North of Thailand and although they may not offer the comforts of hotel accommodation, they are nonetheless worth the experience.

There's a laundry service in almost every hotel, if not the staff will be able to inform you of the nearest one.
If you require ironing, you have to ask for it and you may have to pay extra charges for the service..

Photography :
You will easily find shops that stock and sell digital flash cards for your cameras in every big city. If you want, you can put your pictures from your camera onto a DVD,which can be done very quickly


Shopping is fun in Thailand and there are many bargains to be had. Although signs in some department stores and shops intimate that you cannot barter, try anyway as they say “nothing ventured- nothing gained”. Markets, bazaars and street stalls expect it and inflate the price so you can barter. Barter hard, always with a smile on your face, and you be surprised how much they come down. It is always best to get prices from several people before you buy.



There is a great deal of misinformation concerning malaria. There is minimal risk in most of South East Asia, especially in cities and resort areas, and the risk of contracting the disease in rural areas con be minimalized, by taking a few steps to alleviate the chances of contracting it

- use a DEET containing between 20% and 30% concentration insect repellent on exposed skin.
- sleep under a mosquito net
- choose accommodation with air-conditioning or screens and fans.
- wear long sleeves and long trousers in light colours.
- use mosquito coils
- spray your room with insect repellant before you go out in the evening.

Remember malaria can be fatal so consult with your travel doctor at home, before you commence your journey, to get a handle on the risks of contracting the disease in the areas you are travelling.

Check with the relevant authorities with regards vaccinations in your home country. The World Health Organisation recommend hepatitis A, hepatitis B, measles, mumps and rubella
adult diphtheria and tetanus shots before traveling to Asia.

Chiang Mai 2Full Moon Parties

For over 30 years now there have been Full Moon Parties, and some places attract younger people who go specifically for the party scene, that culminates every month with “Full Moon” parties, where the participants drink, dance and have a rollicking time at the well run events.( They have become so popular that some entrepreneurs organise “Half moon Parties” for those whose travelling dates do not coincide with the Lunar Calendar 0 It is not unheard of for over 25,000 people to attend during the peak season between December and February. As with any event that attracts huge crowds, be careful of your wallet, purse or other valuables you take with you.


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