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Thailand is one of the world's most famous holidays destinations. It is particularly appreciated for its cheap prices for accommodation and food, its ancient history, its incredible historical sites, its stunning white sandy beaches and above all, its most friendly population, to which the country owns his nickname of "The Land of a Million Smiles".

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The best moment to travel in Thailand is between November and February, coinciding with the main season for national and regional festivals. In the mountainous northern regions, the ideal time runs a little longer as the highest elevations provide moderate temperatures. Therefore, it is possible to travel in these regions until the end of July, before the rainy season comes and spoils the party.


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The southern beach-side towns offer cool temperatures all year long as they are close to the equator and make the most of the ocean breezes. On the other hand, you could easily swelter in central Thailand in the meantime as the temperatures can go up to 40°C

The seasonal tourism peak remains between November and March, and a less important one is observed in July and August.

If you want to avoid crowds and enjoy discounted rooms and tours you should maybe consider traveling between April and June or September and October, the least crowded months.


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