Adventure-Active Tours

Our selection of Adventure & Active Tours have been designed to give our more active and adventurist clients the opportunity to forgo some of life’s general comforts, see real village and country life, enjoy home-stays with tribal groups, and head off with a sense of adventure. Travel to places of incredible beauty, magical panoramas and ever friendly locals.

All of our selections have attached extensions, as we understand that clients travel along way and have different travel time available, so spend a few extra days while you are here if you can.


Centre Adventure

culture-fete-de-lune-2A journey to meet the people and travel in the rural part of the country...





Northern mountain down to Halong Bay

MC2Our 6 day tour allows clients to visit an ancient village and get a feel of what it would be like living there, enjoy eating a Vietnamese meal in an ancient house.





Less travellers from mountain to sea

NB4This tour has many highlights and allows clients to explore an ancient capital of Vietnam, visit a nature reserve and relax by a cascading waterfall...





Northern Vietnam on middle road down to the sea

MCCThis 7 day tour encompasses many sites and offers clients home-stays with several ethnic minority tribes, and the opportunity to learn a little of their different customs, culture and beliefs, it also boosts a family’s income.





Sapa & Mai Chau Trekking 15 days

Minority in SapaOur 15 Day Sapa & Mai Chau Trekking Tour enables clients close contact with some of the many minority groups in the country, and enjoy their hospitality with home-stays amongst other highlights.






Northern Vietnam Unveiled 20 days

Halong on landThe 20 Days Northern Vietnam Unveiled Tour allows clients to travel in the mountainous north and trek to places far from the beaten track of mass tourism and to enjoy encounters with locals in this recently opened  area.




Southern Vietnam Revealed 11 days

Mekong-deltaOur 11 Days Southern Vietnam Revealed Tour allows clients to enjoy an unrushed tour of the former capital of Saigon, the Mekong Delta, and to immerse themselves in the lifestyles and culture of the people of the Central Highlands before a sea-side break in Mui Ne.




North and Central of Vietnam 21 days

Mu Cang ChaiDesigned to give a forensic tour of the northern rural reaches of the country, visit magical Halong Bay and after your cruise fly to the city of Hue and see the sites of the central area of the country.




Ethnic groups in the north 9 days

minorites-du-Sapa-voyage-duThis 9 day tour allows clients to meet, talk with and stay with some of the 54 ethnic tribal people that make up Vietnam today. Leave some of the comforts in town, and really enjoy your time off the beaten track of mass tourism with these beautiful people.






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