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This page is here to help you answer all the questions you have before jumping in the plane to visit our country.

Other than the page on the weather, the visa formalities and the food that are on our website, we have also chosen some subjects that our clients often ask about.


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Time difference :
+ 7 hours in winter (GMT)

+ 6 hours in summertime (GMT)


Currency :
The currency is the dong (VND) essentially composed of notes

1 euro = about 24 000 VND

1 USD = about 22 000 VND

Dollars are accepted almost everywhere but change will be given in VND.

Euros are accepted in big cities.

Check out the currency rate at


Ban-gioc vietnam travel tipsCredit cards
Many shops accept Visa and MasterCard, and there are more and more ATM's where you can get VND.

Any problems getting money ?

Only an hour to solve your problem with Western Union.

Contact someone from your country that is willing to go to the post office. That person will need to come with ID papers in order to transfer money for your intention.

The password of the transaction and your ID papers will be asked.


Tips :
In light of the poor salary in Vietnam, tips are greatly appreciated. In restaurants, hotels, cafes, for your guides, chauffeurs, pedicabs... but tipping is not compulsory. It should only be done after receiving good service.


Prices :
Price tags are rare so it is recommended that you approximately know the prices so that you don't pay more than it's worth.


Electrical outlets :
They are the same as in Europe (220V). Make sure you bring a multiple plug from home so that you can charge your electronic devices.


Frequent power cuts :
Don't forget to put a flashlight or two in your suitcase because you never know !


Vietnam travelTaxi:
They are always white and frequent in big cities and there are a lot of different companies. You just have to make a sign and the taxi will pick you up or you can call for one. Note: When you want to take taxi on the street always get big car taxi, because the small car is sometimes from not good company. 

  • Reception will always call a taxi for you if you want one.
  • Always check that the meter is on and that the km are shown because some meters tend to go up way too fast....


Hotels :
Starting from 2-starred hotels you will be equipped with a bathroom, air condition, TV, a fridge, free internet in the hotel or a personal computer in the room. Bathrooms correspond to the standards and are equipped with a hairdryer and you will be given an assortment of toiletries (toothbrush and toothpaste included).


Room standards :
Standard, superior, deluxe. By Standard room, it usually means that there's a small window in Vietnam.


There's a laundry service in almost every hotel that has at least 2 stars.

Pressing : you have to ask for it and you may have to pay extra charges.


Hagiang vietnamStaying with the inhabitants :
It is very different from the usual Bed & Breakfast. You will sleep in a big room with other tourists. Depending on the sites, the house is lived by the family or only for the tourists use. Mattresses will be placed on the floor and you will be given a duvet and a mosquito net. One or more bathrooms with shower are available.
The comfort is basic but it is an authentic and original experience in the heart of Vietnamese culture (for the Northern part).


Photo :
You will easily find your digital flash cards for your cameras in every big city. If you want, you can also make a DVD with your pictures from your camera which can be done very quickly.


During “Tet” in Vietnam
It is a big annual event reuniting family. It also means that a lot of places will be closed.

Ho Chi Minh City being an important city, it is quite easy to find restaurants and shops that are open in this period.

In Hanoi, only the touristic street are a little animated. The local “Street Food” stands and street shops are closed too.
Consider a week before activities open up again.


Travel light coming to Vietnam ! You're bound to find everything in a very attractive price and the craft industry is very diversified.

Your first purchase will surely be an empty suitcase so you could pack it with all your shopping !


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