Visa-on-arrival procedure in Vietnam 

Some citizens of these countries could visit Vietnam without entry visa within 30 days are  most Asean countries (9 countries); and others as Korea; Japan & Scandinavians: Noway; Philand; Danmark; Sweden; Russia; German; France; England; Italia; Spain; Belarus will got maximum 15 days without entry visa.


And if you are not citizen of these countries or you have plan visit Vietnam longer than free entry Visa period, In order to make your trip easier and more pleasant,  Hanoi Voyages offers you a service for your visa-on-arrival.


Simple, fast and very cost-effective !

  • We will be in charge of obtaining your visa to enter the Vietnam territory.


The process is simple :

We will scan the information on your passport and obtain you an entry permit called Invitation Letter allowing you to enter Vietnam. It will take a few days then we can send it to you.

  • Upon your arrival at the airport, you produce the Invitation Letter and one passport-size photo to the Customs Official and then your visa will be stamped into your passport.


This process is very cost-effective :

You then will pay 25 USD to the Customs Officials for visa stamp. 



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