4pcs/lot DENSO Car Spark Plug For Audi A1 A3 A5 Chery Tiggo VW Bora BYD Great Wall Hover H3 H5 Swift Iridium Platinum IK20TT

4pcs/lot DENSO Car Spark Plug For Audi A1 A3 A5 Chery Tiggo VW Bora BYD Great Wall Hover H3 H5 Swift Iridium Platinum IK20TT


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For 206 1.4L TU3AF 12/05-03/09
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For JEETA 1.6L ABX/ACR 2005-
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DENSO unit are some of the world\'s top auto parts and system suppliers, DENSO provide diversified products and after-sales service, including automotive air conditioning and heating systems, automation and control electronics and fuel management system, radiator, spark plugs, combination instrument, filters, industrial robots, telecommu-nication products, and information processing equipment. There are 21 products in the world ranking first.

1. Ceramic insulator:①Full use of 5 mountain ripples ②Reduces voltage loss and prevents undisciplined spark ③Use high purity alumina ④Excellent electrical insulation, durability, heat conductivity

2. Circle 3. The shell : High corrosion - resistant nickel plated surface 4. Hot pressing: ① Good heat resistance, sealing, low heat value deviation. ② Balance, good persistence ③ The diameter of the thread is only 8, 14, 18 mm 5. The gasket : Prevent the gas from leaking out 6. The center electrode 7.Spark gap 8. Spark gap 9. axis 12. Lining board 10. Glass wool seal: Good durability, sealing and heat conductivity ow heat value deviation 11. resistance:Using a 5 k Ω resistance, reduce noise waves z 13. Copper electrode :High copper and wide thermal propertiesFrom low to tell the formation of a strong spark

14. The groundingelectrode

DENSO spark plug

  • insulators : The new ceramic insulation provides better insulation performance, heat dissipation performance, impact resistance and mechanical properties
  • antioxidant : Oxidation technology, nickel - plated shell anti - oxidation, anti - corrosion sealing - reliable
  • Melting point : Good oxidation resistance, iridium melting point of 2450 ℃
  • iraurita : 0.4mm thin center electrode design, let your ignition more quickly Ordinary spark plugs
  • insulators : Spark plug in poor working environment, easy to lead to split, impact mechanical properties
  • antioxidant : The use of inferior materials can lead to rust and cannot be fully sealed
  • Melting point : Melting point 1770 ℃, unable to cope with vehicles of various environment
  • iraurita : 0.8mm electrode design, single side outputshort life
At the same ignition time, iridium spark plug ignition intensity and other, in the same ignition intensity, iridium spark plug time is shorter than other Spark plug life long The nickel spark plug :It needs to be replaced after 30,000 km Platinum spark plugs :It needs to be replaced after 40,000 to 50,000 kilometers Iridium spark plug :It needs to be replaced after 100,000 km Product packaging Professional packaging, product double-layer packaging guarantee transportation safety Shipping & Handing
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