EDIFIER W830BT HIFI Bluetooth Headphones Noise Isolation Wireless Over-Ear Bluetooth 4.1 Headset Support NFC Apt-X Built-in Mic

EDIFIER W830BT HIFI Bluetooth Headphones Noise Isolation Wireless Over-Ear Bluetooth 4.1 Headset Support NFC Apt-X Built-in Mic
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40mm neodymium drivers deliver rich, deep bass

Bluetooth streaming audio enhanced by aptX decoding technology, and NFC technology for easy pairing

Support connect to two device at the same time

Rechargeable battery with up to 95 hours of playback capacity,and up to 1500 hours on standby

Extra-soft ear pads and padded headband for extended comfort

Sleek metal bracket and hinges

The ear cup pivots for a personalized fit, and rotates 90 degrees to lay flat, making them easier to transport

Includes an audio cable with 3.5 mm jack,a USB charging cable and a carrying pouch


Driver unit: 40mm Neodymium Drivers

Bluetooth version: Bluetooth V4.1

Supported Profiles: HFP, HSP, A2DP, AVRCP

Frequency response: 20 -20,000 Hz

Sound pressure level (SPL): 96dB

Nominal impedance: 24Ohm

Weight: 0.274 kg

PRODUCT FUNCTION ​ When you having a rest or enjoy the time

Wired for sound quality , Wireless feeling nature and freedom
We want more , So Both of it in one headset

Foldable Travel Friendly Headphones
Have you ever worried a headphone is hard to take when travelling ? Have you ever want a headphone can fold that you can take it easily ?
The earcups on the W830BT are designed to rotate 90 degrees to lay flat or you can fold in the earcups themselves to make the more compact. This makes them easier for travel to fit inside a carrying case.
The Total Package The W830BT headphones are the total package. Durability, comfort, and sound all in one. Using more time do not only simple combination , need more fine, more stringent requirements
Couple that with wireless sound and nearly 4-day active battery life. You won’t find a better pair of headphones anywhere else. Incredibly Durable Headband The W830BT is made with an incredibly durable headband. The stainless steel in the headband is a flexible steel that can handle any amount of stress placed under it.
Bass Booming Sound While the headphones rest softly on your head, you will listen to a rich deep bass that Edifier is known for producing. This equates well will genres such as EDM, Hip Hop and many great genres that take advantage of a great bass sound.
True Lossless Wireless Bluetooth Now is time to upgrade your current headphones to something more powerful. Experience true wireless Bluetooth audio with Bluetooth v4.1 aptX codec. Lossless wireless audio is available at your fingertips. Have access to 95 hours of audio playback on a full charge and 1500 hours on standby.

Artificial body design Earmuffs are adjustable in multi-directional angle, tightly tested gripping force, and fit to your ears .

More way to remote control 1. short press the volume up / long press on a song ; 2. multi-function keys ; 3. short press the volume down / long press a song ; 4. Micro USB charging port ; 5. 3.5mm audio interface . ​ PRODUCT SHOW

FAQ For W830BT

1. Red light instead of blue light flashes.

Indicates that the headset battery is low and you need to charge the headset again

2. When charging, the red light does not shine.

A: make sure the charging device is well connected to the headset.

B: do not use the headset for a long time, the battery will enter the sleep state.

At this point need to charge large About 30 minutes will be bright red light.

3. Headphones can not hear the sound.

A: Please confirm that the headset is in working condition.

B: Please confirm the size of the headset is appropriate.

C: Please confirm whether the headset is connected to the phone.

D: Please confirm the headset in the normal working range.

4. Headset call is not good.

A: Please confirm whether the phone is in a strong signal area.

B: the effective use of headphones distance of 10 meters, please confirm the effective use of headphones within the distance, And headphones and mobile phone barrier-free barrier.

5. Why play music the headset can not be suspended: recovery, song and under the song control.

This feature requires a device that is paired with the headset to support AVRCP (Audio / Video Remote Control Profile) protocol.

6. Can not use NFC pairing connection.

A: Please confirm whether the phone\'s NFC function is turned on.

B: the first time you need to contact the phone with the headset for about 3 seconds until the headset red and blue lights alternately flash to open the phone, or may be unsuccessful pairing.

7. luetooth audio mode

When the headset and aptX support mobile phone connection, you can enjoy wireless music through headphones:

8. How I know the maximum and minimum volume?

When the headset volume is tuned to maximum or minimum, you will hear the machine\'s own Sound.

9. How to switch between wired and wireless

A: The headset supports AUX in audio input, use the 3.5 to 3.5 audio cable to connect the headset to the music player, and listen to music. When the 3.5 audio cable is inserted, the headset is turned off and the Bluetooth connection is automatically disconnected.

B : The AUX in audio input is valid, and the volume adjustment key on the headset can not be used to adjust the volume. To use the Bluetooth function, unplug the 3.5 audio cable and reboot the pair to connect.

10. How to restore factory settings

Headset charging state, while holding down the volume + key and volume - key for about 3 seconds, the blue light flash 3 times, that is, to restore the factory settings.

11. When I connect the headphone to my tablet but faild, Is that the headphone can not connect to my Tablet?

When you can connect the headphone to your phone well, That means the headphone working well. But when you connect to the tablet you find can search the headphone but can not connect, You can try update the systems, Our buyer test the problem happen in Win7, When he update to Win8, The headphone can working with Tablet well.

( Please forgive We do not notice the Bluetooth adapter, Because we can not confirm all the Bluetooth adapter, So we will not suggest the detail, But some computer with it can connect our headphone well )


1. How to make the EDIFIER W830BT paired to two device.

https://i0.wp.com/you tu .be/WcwfGDucS4s ( Please delete the blank space in the link )

2. How to using the EDIFIER W830BT NFC function.

https://i0.wp.com/you tu .be/WcwfGDucS4s ( Please delete the blank space in the link )

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